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HSEQ Courses

GU Academy provides a variety of health and safety training courses that can be delivered on your premises, specifically for your employees. The courses that can be offered include:





  •  Health & Safety Awareness for Employees.
  • Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Training.
  • HSEQ goals and objectives.
  • Safety management system.
  • Environment management system.
  • Quality management system.
  • Accident Investigation Reporting Training.
  •  Asbestos Awareness Training.
  • Maintenance and inspection of fire extinguisher in workplace.
  • Hazards associated with electricity.
  • Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment & Risk Control.
  • Hierarchy of control measures used to reduce the risk of injury from dangerous parts of machinery.
  • Causes and control measures to minimize the risk of fire.
  • Health & Safety Awareness for Managers.
  • Managing Contractors
  • Oil and Gas Safety.
  • Fire Risk Assessment.
  • Construction Safety.
  • Leadership / Supervisor Skill Training.
  • The storage and usage of flammable liquids.
  • Fire marshals and fire drills in case of emergency.
  • Incident and Injury Free Training.
  • Safe procedure of excavation.
  • Chemical and biological health hazards.
  • Mechanical and non mechanical hazards.
  • . Environmental issues at work place.
  • Why safety is important in construction and oil and gas.
  • How to survive with H2S gas in case of emergency its effects.
  • Health and Safety Awareness for Committee Members.
  • Assessment of personal protective equipment, maintenance, usage.
  • Audits of plant and equipments.
  • Heat stress and associated problems in work place.
  • Work shop and campus safety.
  • Safe welding operations and its associated hazards.
  • Working at height, safe procedure of scaffolding, ladders and its associated hazards.
  • Safe procedure of pre mechanical commissioning.
  • Behavioral based safety.
  • Preparation of job safety analysis.
  • Unsafe acts and unsafe conditions and how human error that can lead to accidents in work place.
  • Radiation sources and effects of radiation to human life and its controlling measures.
  • Basic hazards of confined space related videos and the requirement necessary to control them.
  • Erection and dismantling process and its associated hazards.
  • Permit to work procedure and types of permit.
  • Possible benefits to an organization of achieving good standards of health and safety.
  • How to promote positive health and safety culture on site.
  • Physical and psychological health hazards and its control measures.
  • Duties of employer and contractor and safety advisor.
  • Practice of good housekeeping in work place.
  • Safe procedure of rigging and lifting and hazards associate with cranes and slings.
  • The work place (health, safety and welfare) regulation.
  • Daily inspection and Safety Auditing of workplace.

Consultancy Services

GU Academy  offers consultancy services like Development of Management Systems, Occupational Safety and Health programs including health, safety, environment, quality, Management Systems Integration. GU Academy provides consulting services for Oil companies read more 


About GU Academy 

GU Academy  is one of the best training Academy that offer different  safety courses at different  levels a wide range of Health, Safety Environmental and Quality training courses read more